The National Theatre Podcast

I present the National Theatre's podcast series, which explores theatre at play in our everyday lives: everything from King Lear to drag queens; from politics to public speaking. If all the world's a stage, we're the programme notes - and I hope you enjoy listening.

Here are some of my favourite episodes - but you can find the whole series at

Performing Gender

Dame Harriet Walter talks to us about a lifetime of playing boys in Shakespeare, and we chat to a body language coach and a drag queen about gender, performance and power.

Epic Fail

We’ve all failed at something, but rarely on stage in front of hundreds of people. We ask our favourite guests to share their hilarious stories of on-stage mishaps, and consider - how do we deal with failure? And why are we so obsessed with it?


‘Denmark’s a prison’, says Hamlet – but how does Hamlet go down in an actual prison? We hear from people with experience of the criminal justice system, asking them about the role theatre has played in their lives.